UPES School of Advanced Engineering Inks MoU with HCLTech

  • UPES has partnered with HCLTech to provide students the real-world learning opportunities

HCLTech and UPES are partnering to develop a knowledge management system, co-develop digital solutions and support curriculum design for the energy and engineering sectors.

The partnership aims to redefine education, technology, sustainability, exploration, drilling and hydrocarbon.

“HCLTech has partnered with the university to offer students and researchers internships in the energy sector, focusing on sustainability, safety in oil field operations, and operational excellence. The partnership aims to address challenges, reduce carbon footprints, and deliver value to Oil and Gas organizations. It also fosters strong academic-industry ties, providing practical case studies and connecting sponsors with professors to tackle industry issues”, Dr Ram Sharma, Vice Chancellor, UPES, said.

The collaboration aims to offer exceptional growth and learning opportunities to students and research scholars through various initiatives.

Advanced Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry: The partnership will enable students and researchers to undertake projects and internships aimed at reducing carbon footprint and utilising advanced digital technologies like AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, Data Engineering and Cloud Computing to drive significant innovations in the oil and gas industry.

Strengthening Academic-Industry Collaboration: The partnership aims to strengthen academic-industry ties by offering practical case studies and access to industry experts, fostering innovative solutions to industry-related issues through the exchange of ideas.

Webinars and Industry Forums: UPES and HCL Tech will collaborate to host webinars and participate in industry forums on exploration and production topics, including sustainability, safety and operational excellence, allowing students to learn from industry experts and engage in meaningful discussions.

“The strategic initiative aims to promote sustainability, innovation, value optimisation and low-carbon solutions in the oil and gas industry through the development of advanced solutions using advanced technologies like AI/ML, GenAI, IoT, Industry 4.0, data engineering and cloud computing”, Ajay Bahl, Corporate Vice President, HCLTech.

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