IMS Noida Conducted Global Academic Summit 22 on Strategic Intelligence and Leadership

PGDM Department of Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida hosted Global Academic Summit 22 on ‘Strategic Intelligence and Leadership‘ under the leadership of Dr Kulneet Suri Senior Director IMS Noida, a number of eminent Academicians and business intellectuals from India and overseas attended the event to discuss and debate the summit issue.

While addressing, Dr Kulneet Suri, Senior Director of IMS Noida, highlighted certain essential dimensions of strategic intelligence and leadership in her address. She asserted that the role of strategic intelligence vs usage of technology and Soft Power. Using multiple thoughtful examples from daily life, she emphasised the importance of strategic intelligence and leadership in the modern world. She emphasised ideation and decision-making with high Emotional and Strategic Intelligence.

Dr Suri emphasised that Leaders need a philosophy to bind the capabilities of strategic Intelligence and Positive Intelligence together to be successful. Leadership is thus a task requiring both head and heart. Life is more complicated now. Today’s more demanding employees, for example, “want transparent and fully credible leaders who treat them as collaborators, not followers,” Dr Suri says. “They only respect leaders who respect them, and who articulate and practise a meaningful philosophy.” Individual leaders may not possess all these qualities on their own, hence the need for partnering and a collaborative approach. 

According to Dr Suri, to be a strategically intelligent leader and enable change it is important to consider: People, Perception, Process, and Projection as part of all your decision-making processes. Even the most sensible change initiatives in an organisation can flounder if these 4P’s are ignored.In today’s fast-paced economy, leaders know that the success of their organization is closely linked to its ability and sustenance to continuous change. Most Leaders have a portfolio of tools that they use for developing their strategic intelligence plans, structure and metrics-however, their approach to tackling the softer side of change is often unstructured.

During the session, Dr R.S Kureel, Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University of Horticulture & Forestry, Chhattisgarh, said that university professors, among other intellectuals, must advance. He added that building a productive environment must take into account concerns of trust and ethics in the workplace. Furthermore, Dr. S.K Gupta, Managing Director of ICMAI Registered Valour Organization, spoke about how the VUCA world’s chaotic climate has advanced leadership. In addition to praising the theme of Academic Summit, he also discussed how leadership in the new normal has transformed as a result of COVID-19.

Other dignitaries presented at the Global Academic Summit were Rajesh Jethawani, Head of Operations (Senior SDM) at HCL Technologies, Dr. Sonakshi Ruhela, (Associate Registrar & Faculty Amity University, Dubai), Giacomo Mengucci (International Visiting at University of the Fraser Valley, Italy), Dr Enid Masih (HOD-Department of Business Studies Joseph School of Business Studies & Commerce, SHUATS Naini Allahabad), Hitesh Gulati (Founder Diversity Ace Business Consulting Business Strategist Emerging Leaders & Managers) and Biswaranjan Acharya, Senior Member IEEE Researcher/Faculty of Computer Engineering-AI & Big Data.

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