AmberStudent Launches One-Stop Study Abroad Solution with AmberPlus

Amber, the leading student accommodation platform, evolves into a complete and reliable study abroad partner with a student ecosystem that aims to support students every step of their studying abroad journey.

AmberStudent’s newest study abroad platform, AmberPlus (amber+), promises uninterrupted support to students on study abroad journeys. Launched this year, this all-inclusive suite of value-added services integrated solutions for every study abroad need on one platform. 

Founder and CEO of AmberStudent, Saurabh Goel, said, “We not only aim to become the best for student accommodation but as their trusted study abroad partner, we want to simplify this journey as much as possible. Accommodation is the first touchpoint for most students following admission into their preferred university, but it doesn’t end there. We are expanding our potential to address these needs with AmberPlus.”

AmberPlus streamlines students’ study abroad journeys with 9 actively running services provided by 75+ partners who help students create bank accounts, forex cards, apply for loans and internships, have their luggage shipped to their destination, and more. As a highly trusted conduit between students and service providers, AmberPlus is active in more than 100 cities in the UK, USA, Ireland and Australia, and is open to every student moving abroad for further studies.

“Study abroad needs have changed over the years. While finding accommodation remains the most important, there are several aspects of this journey that students usually need help with. For instance, getting access to financial aid or creating a bank account,” added Madhur Gujar, Co-founder and CBO at Amber, “To remain responsive to changing demands we combined the best of human expertise and smart technology to create AmberPlus. We collaborated with leading educator partners to provide value-added services in one platform to support and ease the study abroad experience for students.”

This platform presents students with the opportunity to access offerings from some of the leading student service providers in the world such as Wise, Mastercard, Hoppa and more. In addition, applicants are eligible for exciting vouchers and goodies on every successful booking.

“There is a lot of information and guides available for students moving abroad, but all that can get overwhelming and confusing. Most students don’t even have complete access to this information. That’s why our goal with amber+ is to make the right solution available to every international student,” added Saurabh Goel

AmberStudent is a leading global student housing platform, providing affordable housing options to students in more than 100 cities across the UK, US, Australia, and Ireland, with more than 1 MM beds on the platform. The company was launched in 2016 in Pune, Maharashtra, to offer cross-border students an easy house-hunting experience without the hassle of negotiations, credit scores, non-standardised paperwork, and broken payment processes. As a one-click platform, the company provides the comfort of secure online search, and 24/7 free and personalised customer service in locating the ideal student accommodation.

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