PrepLadder Announces Dream Team Next Edition; Introduces Next-Gen Learning Experience

PrepLadder, one of India’s growing online learning platforms, announces Dream Team Next Edition and an advanced exam preparation tool QBank Next Edition. Dream Team Next Edition comprises top faculty members across different medical specialisations who will curate new learning experiences for aspirants.

QBank Next Edition is a meticulously crafted preparation tool that will enable Learners to explore the nuances of assessing their preparation closer to the exams in the NExT exam format.

Through Dream Team Next, and QBank Next, PrepLadder aims to stimulate a next-gen learning experience for postgraduate medical aspirants in compliance with the Nation Exit Test (NExT) Syllabus.

With over 2.5 lakh active Learners on the platform, PrepLadder aims to further strengthen its presence in the medical PG industry with its new Dream Team faculty and its high-quality content for its aspirants preparing for the NExT exam. Some of the renowned Educators from Dream Team Next are:

  • – Dr Rajesh Koushal, Anatomy
  • – Dr Preeti Sharma, Microbiology & Pathology
  • – Dr Deepak Marwah, Medicine
  • – Dr Meenakshi Bothra, Pediatrics
  • – Dr Pritesh Singh, Surgery
  • – Dr Prassan Vij, OBG
  • – Dr C Shanmugapriya, Biochemistry
  • – Dr Nikita Nanwani, Radiology

Further, the platform is also introducing QBank Next Edition, a learning tool specially designed as per the NExT exam pattern curated by the renowned Dream Team Next Educators.

  • – The modules in QBank Next holistically cover the NExT exam patterns and topics.
  • – Relevant videos & Treasures tags with each question further help accelerate the learning curve and progress through the module for Learners
  • – Active guidance is enabled in each question which will act as a guiding tool for the Learner to understand the key points in the question that will lead to the correct answer
  • – To enhance accuracy in the main exam, the module will also enable students to understand the process of elimination with detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect options.

Commenting on the development, Deepanshu Goyal, CEO and Co-Founder, PrepLadder, said, “Specializing and expanding in one’s field is becoming increasingly crucial for career growth. At PrepLadder, we aim to make this easy and accessible for aspirants so that they can achieve their academic milestones. By bringing together a new batch of India’s renowned and leading Educators & with the power of data we can measure to create a huge impact for Learners across the country. We hope to further enhance the learning experience through best-in-class study materials like the Qbank Next Edition which is curated by India’s top faculty. We will keep evolving and enhancing the platform based on the needs of our Learners.”

PrepLadder offers a simplified learning experience through engaging videos for Medical PG and NEET SS aspirants. PrepLadder has consistently delivered highly effective content that has yielded results for its students with a strike rate of 92.5% in the NEET PG exam of May 2022.

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