Thomson Digital Ventures into the EdTech Space, Launches Q&I – an Assessment-led Learning Platform

  • The Company aims to augment personalised learning experiences with highly-innovative solutions
  • Aims to radically transform the way students prepare for competitive exams – NEET and JEE

Thomson Digital, a pioneer in providing publishing solutions to the global publishing fraternity announced its foray into the EdTech Industry with the launch of Q&I, a first-of-its-kind assessment-led platform for the preparation of JEE and NEET.

Q&I’s radically different approach shifts away from general syllabus-based learning to unique need-based learning. The platform’s adaptive learning engine curates a customized and clear preparation plan for an individual by providing a detailed subject and topic-wise analysis and benchmarking each individual’s performance with the peer group. It conducts a diagnostic test that analyses the students’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and hurdles and accordingly supports the students’ journey of preparation and clearing the competitive exams.

Talking about the product at length, Vinay Singh, Executive Director and CEO, Thomson Digital and Q&I, said, “Q&I is a platform specifically curated for students preparing for JEE and NEET. The platform understands that each individual is unique, with different strengths, goals, and needs and accordingly aims to help students with a personalized approach using the power of AI, data analytics and machine learning to facilitate faster learning based on intrinsic abilities and preferences. Through this platform, we aim to bring a paradigm shift in the competitive exam preparation segment and most importantly to bring ‘tech’ back into EdTech.”

Thomson Digital’s Q&I can play a critical role as a support system with the schools to help students prepare for competitive exams. The platform offers 7 day free trial and also plans to offer scholarships for the students.

India’s education system has huge growth potential, a seamless shift to digital learning won’t be possible if EdTech platforms only create a parallel structure for offline lectures. A sustained focus on personalized learning and the use of relevant tech tools can help provide robust outcomes for students and the industry could then emerge as a catalyst for greater growth in India’s education landscape.

About Q&I: Q&I is a breakthrough EdTech platform curated by Thomson Digital. The platform has been built by experts from IITs, NITs and IISER with an aim to revolutionise entrance exam preparation in India.

It is an adaptive, assessment-led learning platform that places the students at the center of its design. It uses AI, ML technologies and a hyper-layered gradation of concepts to unlock insights about all student’s unique strengths and areas of improvement at a topic, sub-topic and concept level in a given subject. The insights serve as a foundation for a super-customised learning support that works uniquely for every student and empowers them to craft their own preparation journey based on their unique strengths and learning styles and pace.

About Thomson Digital: Thomson Digital is a comprehensive digital publishing solutions provider focused on empowering publishers by delivering smart solutions. In the last five decades, the Group has partnered with customers to provide them with transformational workflow and technology solutions, e-learning, content development, processing, and rich media development to meet their business objectives.

The Group’s unmatched experience in the technology-powered publishing arena allows a full-stack view of smart publishing today. Thomson Digital has worked extensively to harness transformative digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to help customer businesses evolve.

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