TrekNomads Organised a Parent+Child Trek to Introduce Young Kids to Trekking and Responsible Tourism

TrekNomads team with Parent+Child group from Ekya and CMR schools at the base of Gudibande Fort

TrekNomads, a Bengaluru-based trekking company organized a sustainable Parent-Child experiential trekking program in partnership with Ekya School & CMR NPS. As a part of the program, TrekNomads conceptualized a small trekking experience for the participants. About 300 schoolchildren and their parents participated in the event at Gudibande Fort to learn about and gain a basic understanding of trekking. The trek was conducted in batches and children from classes 1 to 5 participated in the activity along with their parents.

The experience also indulged children in understanding the history of the place, flora and fauna. By preventing the use of single-use plastic on the trip, the event was transformed into a sustainable trek. Further, some children joined the TrekNomads team in cleaning up the trail. All activities were conducted with utmost safety and precautions bearing in mind the young audience.

Over the last few years, COVID largely impacted children’s outdoor activities. This trekking experience was conducted to get children back to nature and introduce them to the basics of trekking.

“We had planned for a long time to put together this combination of Parent+Child trek, and we are glad to announce it was one of our most successful trekking events. Introducing the basics of trekking to children at such a young age with their parents joining them made it even better. Also, parents got a real sense of how hiking can be safe with the guidance of the right people. We hope to see more schools and parents giving their kids an opportunity to explore nature and trek,” said Naveen Mallesh, Co-Founder – TrekNomads.

Adding to the above Naveen also said that trekking is an exceptional way to introduce children to nature. It teaches the fundamentals of being in nature, as well as the distinctions between hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. Trekking and hiking help children develop leadership abilities and make them more compassionate toward others.

TrekNomads, which was started in 2016 has taken over 8,000+ individuals to the mountains. TrekNomads aims to help people from all walks of life experience nature in a comfortable and premium manner through sustainable trekking. Their expertise lies in customizing premium treks for groups for multiple-day treks in the Himalayas of India and Nepal and the Western Ghats & One-day treks in Karnataka. The company has constantly been rated 5-star by its participants over the years.

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