Scope of B. Tech Electronics & Computing in the coming times

Btech now has a wide variety of programs, per the different engineering fields. Electronics and Computing Engineering is one of them, which is emerging rapidly as one of the main branches of Electronic engineering. Due to the increase in the usage of technology-based applications in devices and electronic systems, this field of electronic engineering is in high demand across the world. 

What is Btech in Electronics Engineering and Computing 

Btech Electronics in Computer is a four-year Undergraduate Engineering Program, that deals with education related to the major subjects, of electronics, computers, and communication. While pursuing this engineering program, one gets to know about the areas like electronics hardware design, telecommunication engineering, programming techniques along with software development. 

This undergraduate program in Electronics and computing helps students to develop their knowledge and skills in the latest technologies, including both hardware and software knowledge of many applications, used in various sectors like healthcare, security, communication, education, entertainment, business, production, farming, and many more. 

Btech electronics and computing is a wide field of engineering and has a plethora of job opportunities for the one, who has enough knowledge and skills required as per the industrial requirements. 

Scope of Btech Electronics Engineering and Computing

Apart from the fact that the field of electronics and computing will grow more in the future, it also has and will always have great career opportunities for the pass-out students, which will offer them respected and secured jobs with lucrative salaries. 

Some of the top career opportunities that the Electronics and communication engineering field will always have for you, 

1. Software engineer – Being a software engineer is all about dealing with the principles of designing, testing, and maintaining software for computer systems and their applications. Their major work is to design software for computer devices and their applications to resolve the customer’s issues related to the systems. If you get your job as a software engineer, you would be responsible for testing software application codes analytically, followed by writing them to run fast through proper scaling, along with checking the codes of new software programs created by the engineers. 

2. Power engineer – It is one of the best jobs for electronics and computing students, as it is a wide field of power engineers across the globe, who deals with the designing and developing of power while supervising the installation of electrical equipment, components, and systems. 

3. Test Engineer – A test engineer checks the electronics and computer products in the following strategy, that is speed, durability, technical issues, functioning, etc. They are there to resolve the technical issues in the computer devices. Being a test engineer, your main task will be to have good customer feedback by making the product perfect in every aspect, while working closely with the production department. They find the root cause of electronic and computer malfunctioning and resolve them.

4. Software Developer – If you are dreaming of becoming a software developer, then you have to work on codes and programs, thereby developing new software for the systems and devices, while working closely with clients on different software projects and developing the software as per their needs and requirements. While being a software developer, your main role is to analyze and find out the problems which occur in the working and functionality of the software, and work on them to solve the issues related to that for a high-quality range of operations. 

5. Application Developer – This job role is all about developing software for the business purposes of any company or organization. Application developer work on software codes for developing and maintaining applications for different companies.

Btech Electronics Engineering and Computing with Bennett University

Bennett University is one of the top engineering colleges in India, which have a wide range of Btech programs, followed by electronics and computing engineering. This undergraduate engineering program of Btech encourages the students to focus more on hardware and software aspects of computing. 

Btech in Electronics Engineering and Computing engineering provides you with the education and skills that are required for designing electronics and computing systems through hardware and software co-design. It helps you to understand the end-to-end system design flow, including the programming of communication and computing systems in the modern world.

It offers you three specializations, that you can choose from, 

  1. Embedded systems and IoT
  2. Data and Signal Analytics
  3. VLSI Design


The electronics in computer engineering program is growing with great achievements, and has a high, expanding, and stable future growth. It is in demand now and the technology is being used everywhere with continuous upgradation, which eventually gives rise to more career opportunities in the same field with a good paycheck. 

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