Techno Management: The New-age Skill that will Ensure Professionals and Organizations Stay Relevant in the Future

PG Programme in Technology Management with KPMG and Edology 

Will AI take away my job,” seems to be the primary question everyone is asking today. There is no simple answer to this, but the truth remains that leveraging AI will help humans do their jobs better, which in turn has the potential to create more jobs. The important thing is to constantly align your skillset to the needs of your industry. 

So, what kind of jobs will remain safe in the future? Research shows that the future belongs to professionals who have a combination of tech knowledge and managerial skills. This will help them assess current processes, make informed decisions on how to integrate technology in day-to-day functioning and ensure that they lead efficient and productive teams.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, companies that are able to adapt and innovate are the ones that will thrive. This makes techno-managers, who operate at the intersection of technology and management, the driving force behind modern businesses.

Mr. Narayanan Ramaswamy, Partner – KPMG, said, “The digital revolution has ensured that most companies across the globe have more tech teams now than ever. Who is best suited to manage and lead such teams? Professionals who have a solid background in tech and have an equally good understanding of business strategies that can transform their organizations. In other words, techno-managers, i.e., technologists who know how to align their existing tech skills to achieve faster business growth for their organizations.”

“In traditional companies, very few with an IT background could enter top-tier management roles. However, that has changed now. Today most companies with a strong digital footprint aggressively hire candidates who have a solid foundation in technology and are also able to navigate managerial roles. Upskilling by studying both technology and management can help the current IT workforce move up the career ladder and achieve excellence,” Mr. Madhavan Vilvarayanallur, Partner – KPMG.

A techno manager is someone who has a deep understanding of technology and its applications, as well as the ability to manage people, projects, and resources. They are responsible for identifying technology trends, choosing the right tools and systems, and implementing them effectively to drive business growth. They play a crucial role in ensuring that technology and business objectives are aligned.

So how can you become a techno-manager?

Some professionals learn on the job but that can take time. Most prefer to go for an online programme where they can learn from top industry experts about the latest tech innovations. An online course that offers top tech and managerial upskilling is Edology’s 10-month long Post Graduate Programme in Technology Management, in partnership with KPMG. With this course you will attend LIVE classes and (optional) in-personal sessions taught by KPMG senior leadership. Work on capstone projects with real-life data sets to help you gain practical problem-solving skills. Become the ideal catalyst for transforming today’s workforce into tomorrow’s tech business leaders.

The partnership between KPMG and Edology aims at providing technology education and training to future technology managers, helping them stay relevant amidst the latest advancements in the field of technology. The industry-aligned curriculum will allow the students to gain meticulous expertise along with the ability to lead and manage global diverse teams. Students can specialize in either Data Science or Data and Cloud domain. The course also offers a capstone project, which will provide an opportunity for the students to apply their theoretical knowledge in the practical world.

Sumanth Palepu, Senior Director at GUS Global Services Pvt Ltd said, “Identifying the importance of industry exposure in the professional world today, we collaborated with KPMG, which will prepare students for future job roles by providing them with hands-on practical exposure and learning. The course will enable learners to enhance their attitudes, abilities, and tools, to become techno-managers of tomorrow who can create, drive, and manage change and become future leaders in their fields.”

Unique Offerings of the Edology x KPMG PG Programme in Technology Management

  • Weekend LIVE classes with recorded lectures
  • Taught by KPMG experts with four bootcamps.
  • In-person immersions and live sessions
  • Counselling, personal growth mapping and placement workshops.
  • 1-on-1 guidance from KPMG mentors.
  • Periodic review of the teams’ progress by KPMG professionals
  • Networking sessions with alumni

In addition to this, Edology’s learners also get access to a range of benefits and privileges like Career WayMaker mentoring services, a diverse peer community, and hands-on learning opportunities. This is the right kind of programme for ambitious working professionals who aspire to lead and drive change in the digital age.

The course is now open for enrolments. For more information on the program, you can visit or reach out to us at +91-8451901560.

About Edology: Edology, is a global Ed-Tech brand that provides industry-powered global education and certifications to students and professionals across the world. Edology is a leading global Ed-tech company providing online education that is futuristic and transformative to meet the dynamic needs of organizations and equip individuals with relevant skills for their continuous career growth. All the programs of Edology are built with the objective of providing its learners career enhancement and strong CV credentials, along with a quality learning experience.

The courses offered by Edology include Certification in AI & Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber security, Metaverse game designing, technology management with industry leaders like IBM, Unreal Engine, Edge Metaversity, KPMG and many more.

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