Woxsen University Establishes One India Outreach Office

The core objective of the outreach office is to provide support and mentorship to students

Woxsen Univerity has unveiled Woxsen University One India Outreach office at ZPHS, Kamkole, Hyderabad. This office will serve as a hub for the university’s outreach efforts and help the people from rural areas in the vicinity of Woxsen.

Woxsen university has set forth various social initiatives including Rural Entrepreneurship Project, Street Cause, Rotaract Club and TRY. The newly established India Outreach Office is part of TRY(a student-led initiative) – Transforming Rural Youth through entrepreneurship, Creating awareness and helping people to avail opportunities available for them in order to earn sustainable income and lead a healthy life.

The core objectives of Woxsen University One India Outreach Office align with the university’s vision to provide a world-class education to students and create a more inclusive, diverse and equitable society.

Core objectives of Outreach Office:

  • Aims to provide support & mentorship to students and help them achieve their academic & professional goals
  • Encourage students to pursue entrepreneurship by raising awareness of the topic among them
  • To upskill the small scale business owners by educating them on new opportunities and help increase their aptitudes to bridge skill gaps
  • Identify Rural Entrepreneurs and help them incubate their ideas through Woxsen University incubation centre
  • To identify major problems in rural areas and address them in coordination with the government agencies
  • Creating awareness in rural areas on the government schemes which provide institutional platforms and financial aid

“India is on the cusp of a new era of economic growth and development, and Woxsen University is committed to playing a leading role in this transformation,” said Dr Raul V Rodriguez, Vice-president, Woxsen University. “The entire Woxsen community is focused on rural upliftment and societal development, as well stated in one of the core fundamental pillars of Woxsen, i.e., ERS (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability).”

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