Amity University Punjab Empowers Students to explore the World of Science on National Science Day 2023

Amity University Punjab celebrated National Science Day on February 28th, 2023, with great enthusiasm, spreading awareness about the importance of science among students. The day witnessed a plethora of informative and engaging sessions that aimed at encouraging and inspiring students to pursue a career in the field of science.

The event was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the respected Vice Chancellor Dr R.K. Kohli and Deans Dr Chanderdeep Tandon, Dr Shivali Dhingra, Dr Jaspreet Kaur Majithia and Dr Neerja Babbar carried forward by an invocation ceremony. Dr Neetu Bansal and Dr Anmoldeep Randhawa provided an introduction, while the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Dr RK Kohli, and Dr Suchinder Sharma delivered lectures on “How to Become a Scientist” and “The Life and Work of Sir C.V. Raman,” respectively. These talks were highly informative and inspiring, giving the students valuable insight into the world of science.

The event also included several experiments that were conducted to showcase the relevance of science in our daily lives. The highlight of the day was the Ami-sterious “Treasure Hunt,” where students had to solve puzzles and riddles related to science to unlock hidden treasures. The Conquizairre “Quiz Competition” tested the student’s knowledge of various scientific concepts and theories, while the Flash-o-graphy “Science Focused Photography Competition” allowed students to showcase their creativity in capturing scientific phenomena through their lenses.

The Science Panorama “Poster Presentation & Working Model Exhibition” provided an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of scientific principles through informative posters and impressive working models. Amity Ka Zaika and Amity Galyara “Food Stall and DIY Exhibition” added a fun element to the event, as students showcased their culinary skills and creative ideas with the best out of waste. The Chroma-valli “Science focused Rangoli making competition” brought out the artistic side of the students, as they used colours and designs to represent scientific concepts and themes.

The winners of the competitions were felicitated with amazing rewards, which added to the excitement of the day.

Amity University Punjab left no stone unturned in celebrating National Science Day. The event had it all, from enlightening talks on the importance of science in our daily lives to exciting cultural events that had students mingling and dancing up a storm! The Flash mob and Fusionesta performances were a hit, with students showcasing their skills in Himachal and Punjab folk dances, as well as contemporary dance routines. The skit performances titled ‘Sci-Land Tales’ were the highlight of the event, with students using their creativity to present science facts and details in a fun and engaging way.

The celebration was a resounding success, and Amity University Punjab looks forward to many more such events that encourage and inspire students to pursue a career in science.

Final Take Away: The Amity School of Sciences, Amity University Punjab, is committed to providing exceptional education in the field of science. With a focus on research-based teaching and innovative pedagogy, students can expect a cutting-edge learning experience. The state-of-the-art facilities and labs foster creativity and critical thinking, while the university’s connections with leading national and international institutions and companies offer students and faculty a wealth of opportunities for intellectual growth through guest lectures and joint research projects.

Further, the University offers several courses in the field of science such as – Biotechnology; Chemical Science; Environmental Science; Food Science Technology and Processing; Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine; Microbiology; Nutrition and Dietetics; Physical Sciences; Pharmacy; Medical Laboratory Technology; Physiotherapy; Forensic Science; Optometry.

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