HLM 2.0 – Answer to New-Age Education Realities

With a new powered approach, HLM Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad’s premier education hub, has introduced a new layer and paradigm to modify and upgrade its teaching tools and traditions, called HLM 2.0. In a significant advancement that has garnered an excellent response from the student community, the HLM Group has gone a step ahead to ensure the progress and fulfilment of students by organising career counselling programs, training sessions, and live projects, conducting industrial visits, workshops, webinars, and seminars. This is what it calls the ‘assimilation of traditional roots with modern waters’, thereby denoting the understanding of conventional academic study through new-age practical learning’.

The HLM Group identifies practical learning as one of the essential components of a refined understanding of subjects and papers, especially in high-level studies. The HLM Group periodically organises industrial visits, workshops, webinars, and seminars to equip students with comprehensive practical knowledge and visual understanding so that they can correlate it with what they are studying in books, academic papers, and lecture notes.

Building students’ career is as important as nourishing students with accurate and proper knowledge. Practising as it preaches, under HLM 2.0, the HLM Group of Institutions has been proactively organising career counselling sessions to guide students in an efficacious manner and apprise them with vast career options based on their academic performance, aptitude, and interests. The HLM Group has hired career professionals and counsellors for students’ benefit and also went the extra mile also to host one-to-one training sessions so that students can get mental clarity over which career path they want to pursue professionally.

The HLM Group has always propounded that there is a connection between individual happiness and professional progress and satisfaction. The lack of clarity and farsightedness always precipitates feelings of depression and anxiety among students. HLM Group has developed career-guiding toolkits for students to decide and focus on their careers to achieve long-term professional growth.

In an extensive row of student-centric solutions under HLM 2.0, the HLM Group hosts training sessions to teach students a new set of technologies and upskill themselves to thrive in an entrepreneurial domain or corporate working zone. With this new initiative, the HLM Group gallops leaps ahead in familiarising kids with modern technological apparatus and gives them a hands-on experience of working in a new-age official working climate.

Industrial Visits are one of the prominent characteristics of HLM 2.0. To acquaint students with the working culture of companies and provide a concomitant visual representation of theoretical applications and definitions studied in books, the HLM Group organises various industrial visits to transfigure students’ insular understanding into well-surfaced and deep insight and knowledge-gaining process. The Industrial visits also help students in getting lucrative internships and placement opportunities.

Highlighting ‘Stagnation of Learning’ as one of the biggest growth stoppers in attaining brilliance and realising students’ full potential, the HLM Group has been organising workshops, webinars, talk sessions, and seminars. The objective is to provide students with skill enhancement, trend observations, and networking opportunities. The opportunities to interact with industry experts and knowledge givers instil students with confidence, clear doubts, and improve their communication skills. It provides them with a ‘symbiotic communion’ environment and allows them to self-introspect, look at their strengths and flaws, and develop and remove them respectively. The Alumni Meet+Talk Series also act as a platform to express themselves, voice their concerns, meet with like-minded individuals and share a resourceful interaction with them.

Under the HLM 2.0, the HLM Group has instituted Corporate Resource Centre – CRC, which manages and coordinates all the placement activities. Campus placement visits are organised on a regular basis to give students outstanding opportunities for removing career doubts and providing working opportunities for its students. The CRC has been dedicated to working towards achieving 100% placement and organises recruitment drives on college campuses.

HLM 2.0 is a calibrated effort by the HLM Group of Institutions to offer exciting opportunities for students to grow themselves and their careers to new ascensions and highs. Following the concepts curated by the COO, Ms. Tanvi Miglani, HLM 2.0 covers the practical learning aspect of education, along with ensuring the all-rounded development of students across various verticals. Having a rich experience of working across multiple genres, Ms.Tanvi has left no stone unturned to take learning in India to greater heights.

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