Stemorobo Technologies to Provide AIoT Technology to Schools

Stemrobo Technologies, an educational technology company is planning to provide over 1500 schools with AIoT Technology in the first phase by FY 2024. AIoT systems which will customise learning experiences to suit individual student needs will create virtual classrooms which will simulate real-world environments, allowing students to learn in a more engaging and interactive way. With AI-powered analytics, teachers would be able to gain insights into each student’s learning style, progress and weaknesses. AIoT can streamline administrative tasks and reduce the workload of teachers and administrators.

The objective behind collaborating with more schools is to provide Artificial intelligence and internet of  things related technology which will provide students with opportunities to learn about cutting-edge technologies that are shaping our world. It can help them understand the underlying principles of computer science, data analytics and artificial intelligence, all of which are crucial in the modern world. Teachers can use AIoT technology to create simulations and visualisations that will help students understand complex concepts, making learning more accessible and technology driven.

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