Young Learners at Oakridge Mohali Exploring Global Opportunities and Taking Action Through PYP Exhibition

Head of Primary at Oakridge International School Mohali, Ms. Vineet Gill gave insights on the philosophy and impact of PYPX on child’s learning. She mentions:

What is PYPX?
The PYPX is the finale to the 7 years of the Primary Years Programme that provides the students with an opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate their understanding of the elements of the programme. At Oakridge International School Mohali, curious learners along with parents and teachers as mentors dive into inquiring, experimenting, finding the impact and finally what action can they undertake.

What was this year’s theme and how were the students involved?
This year, students inquired on the theme: ‘how the world works’. They inquired about the form and function of the Health Care systems, Transportation systems, Energy Crisis, Environmental Conservation (climatic changes) and Inventions and Discoveries.

How was the community involved in the whole journey?
Parent mentors along with teacher mentors arranged for guest talks inviting field experts who shared first-hand information with the learners. Learners made connections to real-world scenarios and brainstormed ideas to solve the problems. They took actions on spreading awareness in the community by organizing awareness camps, cleanliness drives, publishing articles on need of patents and copyrights and the list is endless.

What was the role of students in it?
Oakridgers live by the International Baccalaureate’s Student Agency. Our students practice the concept of ‘Voice, Choice and Ownership’ of their learning.

The preparation for the exhibition begins from the very first year in the program with the learner’s developing attributes, exploring the concepts, developing the approaches to learning and understanding transdisciplinary themes. At Oakridge Mohali, the students steer the whole PYPX journey, from choosing their topics, groups, research methodologies to final day of presentation, hence developing ‘future ready skills’ in them.

What does Oakridge International School aim to inculcate via such opportunities for learners?
The joy of learning lies in achieving the outcomes one has set for oneself. The Primary Year Programme-Exhibition is one such milestone that truly depicts the harmonious relationship between learning and teaching.

Creating lifelong learners, sending them into the world with the tools to accept change, to adapt to circumstances, to think outside the box, to build a world that is compassionate and believes in one another is the aim of the PYP exhibition.

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