JBCN International School, Borivali Sparks a Collaborative Career Counseling Dialogue at IC3 Regional Forum, Mumbai

Education experts from around the world deliberated on the need to bring career counseling to every school, while seeking solutions to roadblocks currently being faced to make this a reality

Mr. Ganesh Kohli, Founder, IC3 Movement undertook a captivation session on Transforming Schools through Counseling at the IC3 Regional Forums at JBCN International School, Borivali

JBCN International School, Borivali, recently hosted the IC3 Regional Forum, promoting the best practices in career and college counseling, country-level systems of higher education, and opportunities for the learners. Organized by the IC3 Movement, the Mumbai edition of the Regional Forum was part of a multi-event series held annually around the world as a global effort to establish career and college counseling in every school.

The full-day event consisted of learning sessions on various topics such as counseling best practices, new courses, and degrees in newer Indian universities, integrating counseling into the academic curriculum and calendar, and how one can make the most out of university interactions. Mr. Sanjay Tolia, Partner, PwC (India), was the keynote speaker. “Teaching and counseling is a “privilege”. Let’s unleash the full potential in a student to transform society and make the world a better place for this and the next generation,” he opined. Mr. Ganesh Kohli, Founder, IC3 Movement, led a critical session around Transforming Schools through Counseling.

Eminent personalities in the education sector, including counselors, teachers, and principals, participated in the various sessions. A university fair featuring 70 plus renowned national and international universities from across Canada, UK, Australia, USA, India, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, etc. was also organized on the sidelines of the main forum. This provided a platform for learners and parents to interact with the admission counselors of visiting universities to understand the avenues and new-age career choices that exist.

Mr. Kunal Dalal, Managing Director, JBCN International School, quotes, “We are aligned with the vision of the IC3 Movement, and we strongly believe that career counseling plays a pivotal role in ensuring that learners are future ready and well on their path to becoming changemakers. We have a robust career counseling ecosystem for learners. The team guides them on selecting the right university, courses, and streams, keeping their interests in mind and assists them with their university applications, writing essays, and addressing any queries that they may have. We hope that our participation in this global movement becomes a guiding force for our learners, helping them make informed career decisions.”

Mrs Debika Chatterji, Director Principal, JBCN International School, Borivali, stated, “We take great pride in hosting the IC3 Regional Forum at our campus. The event was a transformative experience for our learners and parents, filled with enriching opportunities for learning, interaction, and guidance. We hope this event benefited our learners and parents, helping them make the right decisions for developing their careers.”

The International Career & College Counseling (IC3) Movement aims to empower every school to run a robust, fully functional career counseling department to help learners make the right education and career-related decisions. In addition, the movement aims to sensitize educators to the need for a dedicated counseling department and elevate the profession, so more people take career counseling and develop the human resources and research needed to deliver this in schools effectively.

Speaking about its mission, Mr. Ganesh Kohli, Founder of IC3 Movement said, “Young people around the world are leaving schools like airplanes without a navigation system, and they crash into a world of frustration, anger, and sadness as adults. While we are doing a great job teaching academic subjects in schools, we need to help young students find meaning and purpose in their lives through career and college counseling. This will ensure we have engaged professionals and happy adults. Systemic “career and college counseling in every school,” which is our mission at IC3, is helping bring purpose and peace. We are glad that through IC3’s volunteer-led effort, we are able to provide training and resources for hundreds of schools in India and around the globe.”

About JBCN Education is a progressive group of schools that have been a pioneer in the field of education for over three decades. With a strong base of over 5000 learners and 700 plus globally trained teachers, JBCN International School provides unparalleled education through its ‘Educreative’ learning experiences, which serve as a cornerstone for lifelong learning.

JBCN Education has a network of four International Schools across Borivali, Parel, Oshiwara and Chembur in Mumbai that offer a range of curricula viz. the IB’s (PYP & DP), CAIE (CP, IGCSE, A levels) & ICSE. Founded by Mrs. Pinky Dalal, JBCN International School is powered by a dynamic team driven by a strong vision, and it incorporates cutting-edge educational practices embraced globally. Its Managing Directors, Mr. Kunal Dalal and Ms. Hemali Dalal, have synergised their expertise and experience in school management, finance, banking, and marketing towards creating a premier group of educational institutions. These institutions aim to create a future legacy of learners who are the changemakers of tomorrow.

About IC3 Movement The International Career and College Counseling (IC3) Movement seeks to enable high schools to help their students make best-fit higher education and career decisions, and aims to empower every school to run a robust, fully functioning, career and college counseling department.

The IC3 Movement, at its core, is dedicated to helping young people across the globe find career paths through education that will lead to fulfilled, happy and productive lives. IC3 has set out to fix a broken system in which accessible and sustainable school-based career and college guidance is either inadequate or altogether absent. This mission is driven by an amazingly dedicated and passionate family of 1000+ IC3 Leaders and IC3 Advocates from across the globe.

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