AIS Technolabs Global Scholarship Program 2023

The Global Scholarship Program from AIS Technolabs is for students from all parts of the world who are looking out for financial support and leadership development opportunities in their preferred subject. Our scholarships will be awarded to high-performing, talented students in all subjects and niches.

Our scholarship program is more than a traditional program. We have designed this global scholarship program in order to foster and augment critical thinking skills and leadership potential for scholars to let them become the next generation of decision-makers, global leaders, socially conscious innovators, and visionaries.


Each scholar will be able to avail the following benefits:

* Awarded with an annual scholarship award for up to two years for any subject and any college or university across the world.

* Participate in a fully-funded seminar within the country and globally.

* Gain mentorship by industry experts to help scholars identify short-term and long-term academic goals. Assistance in successfully reaching those goals through one-to-one meetings, networking, and communication by email.

* Become a member of the AIS Technolab Global Scholars Alumni community.

* Participate in experiential learning modules, leadership development training combined with network opportunities with industry experts.

Eligibility :

• The applicants must have completed secondary school / high school education.
• The applicant can be a citizen of any country or region.
• You must have applied for a postgraduate or undergraduate course in any subject of your choice with an accredited college / institution / university in the world.
• The applicant must have completed at least one term in the respective course.
• The applicant must not be a dropout from college.
• There must be no gap between the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Application Process

If you successfully meet the eligibility criteria for AIS’s Global Scholarship Program, here check the details of the application process.

• You are required to submit a project on your favorite subject that highlights the purpose and flow of a particular topic in detail. The project must be 1500-2000 words in length and must be useful to other students or learners.
• Email the completed project on before 15th May of every year.
• The project will be reviewed by our panel of judges. Our experts will also verify the details provided by all the students. If the details and projects submitted by you meet our expectations, you can win this scholarship.
• The winners are announced online on our website by 31st May of every year.

Important Details

To make sure your application is considered and not rejected, it is mandatory to provide the following details.

• Full Name
• Contact Details
• Contact Address (including permanent and temporary address)
• Student ID Number
• Preferred Subject
• Name of the University / College

Note: Applications submitted after the mentioned last date will not be entertained under any condition. Also, it is strictly prohibited to contact us through other modes of communication like phone numbers, online messages, or any other. Contact us only through the email id mentioned on our website regarding the scholarship program.

Terms & Conditions

• AIS Technolabs holds the complete right over verifying all details submitted by you such as course name, student ID number, Name of the University / College, and more.
• The amount of the scholarship is a one-time reward.
• If the project provided is found to be plagiarized or contains any false application, the application would be rejected on an immediate basis and without any prior notification.
• AIS Technolabs holds the complete right to alter the rules and regulations at any time during the scholarship process, except the amount of reward.
• AIS Technolabs will never share the details of students or projects with any third-party be it a person or company.

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