France Introduces 5-Year Schengen Visa for Indian Alumni

  • The country is aiming to attract 30,000 Indian students by 2030

Building on the recent extension of post-study work visas for Indian students in France, the nation has now introduced a noteworthy provision: Indian students who have completed just a single semester of study in France are eligible for a 5-year short-stay Schengen visa.

This initiative is rooted in the belief that the bonds formed between Indian students and France during their brief academic experiences deserve nurturing and celebration. The criteria for eligibility include holding a Master’s degree or higher and having spent at least one semester studying in France. This special provision allows Indian alumni to maintain strong connections with France and their French counterparts, said the official statement of French Embassy.

In line with the official notification, applicants must have studied in France for a minimum of one semester and achieved a Master’s degree or advanced qualifications from a recognised university in India, France, or a third country. Successful candidates will need to complete a visa application that adheres to the standard Schengen requirements.

Furthermore, the French Embassy has declared its aspiration to welcome 30,000 Indian students to France by 2030. In pursuit of this goal, collaborative efforts are underway to implement decisions made by President Macron and Prime Minister Modi during their Paris meeting. These endeavors aim to enrich the experiences of Indian students in France, showcasing the country’s inclusive nature, cultural heritage, and exceptional educational prospects.

Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Emmanuel Lenain, expressed his commitment to supporting Indian students, assuring them that France will always stand as their ally. He emphasised the embassy’s dedication to ensuring a remarkable academic and life journey for Indian students within the nation.

To further communicate this message, the French Embassy and the French Institute have jointly introduced the ‘Choose France Tour 2023’. This initiative, scheduled for October, will span various regions of India, amplifying the opportunities and benefits of studying in France for Indian students.

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