Renowned Author and Motivational Speaker Shiv Khera Empowers Participants in Collaboration with IIM Nagpur

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Nagpur led two powerful programs in association with celebrated author and motivational speaker Mr. Shiv Khera recently. The attendees of the two programs, “Public Speaking and Presentation Skills” and “Hi-Impact Leadership,” benefited from Mr. Khera’s insights and expertise in leadership, communication, and personal development.

The “Hi-Impact Leadership” program ran from August 3 to August 6. The aim was to inculcate the leadership qualities needed to foster a culture of trust and accountability. They learned how to build strong and motivated teams, inspire, influence, and get results, turn setbacks into comebacks, and communicate with clarity and confidence. Upon completion of the program, participants walked away with a 41-day action plan to lead successfully, communicate effectively, and manage professionally.

The three-day “Public Speaking and Presentation Skills” program, which ended on August 10th, gave participants a unique chance to master the platform by becoming powerful speakers. Participants learned the secrets of the most powerful speakers in the world, gained the confidence to face any audience, overcame stage fright, and developed their own speaking style. The program empowers the participants to speak with power, poise, and pizzazz and leave an impact.

IIM Nagpur’s partnership with Mr. Shiv Khera demonstrates a dedication to promoting participants’ personal and professional growth. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his programs as a sought-after speaker and renowned author of books like “You Can Win,” which proves to be life-changing.

“Conducting sessions is gratifying. My role is that of a catalyst to trigger a life-changing journey by igniting the right values. Successful people embark on a continuous education program, considering it an investment for a better future,” said the motivational speaker and business consultant.

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