Sanskriti University Collaborates with Central Silk Board for Silk Research

  • Sanskriti University and CSB will work together to conduct sericulture research in areas of mutual benefit

Sanskriti University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Central Silk Board (CSB). This agreement establishes a partnership aimed at promoting quality education and research in the field of silk production and related disciplines.

Under this agreement, Sanskriti University and CSB will work together to conduct sericulture research in areas of mutual benefit. The collaboration will involve the preparation of joint research proposals, the undertaking of postgraduate and doctoral research projects and the provision of necessary facilities in the premises of both institutions.

To facilitate this collaboration, Sanskriti University will recognise CSB scientists and research scholars as experts in their respective fields. These individuals will have the opportunity to work in CSB’s renowned R&D institutes, contributing to their research and thesis projects. All activities will be governed by the relevant rules and regulations of Sanskriti University and CSB.

Additionally, Sanskriti University will designate CSB as a recognised research center, further solidifying the collaboration’s research credentials. CSB scientists will be acknowledged as research guides for postgraduate degrees, providing valuable mentorship to scholars undertaking research programs in the field of silk production.

One of the key aspects of this partnership is the exchange of germplasm material through a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). This exchange will be exclusively for research purposes and will serve the interests of both organisations, fostering innovation and enhancing scientific knowledge in the field.

The agreement also acknowledges the potential for sharing benefits arising from this cooperative endeavor. This includes improved technology, materials, machinery, processes, designs and techniques, as well as any intellectual property rights (IPRs) generated during the course of the collaboration. These advancements have the potential to revolutionise the silk industry and benefit both parties involved.

The collaborative efforts between Sanskriti University and Central Silk Board are expected to yield groundbreaking research findings. It is anticipated that these findings will be published jointly, contributing to the broader public interest and further establishing the reputation of both institutions as leaders in silk research and education.

The signing ceremony for this MoU took place in the presence of esteemed individuals, including Sachin Gupt, Chancellor of Sanskriti University, Prof. MB Chetti, Vice Chancellor) Meenakshi Sharma, CEO, Prof. Rajneesh Tyagi, Sri Puran, Registrar, Dr. Rajput, and Dr. Manthira Murthy (Technical Director of Central Silk Board).

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