Amity University Hosts ‘Srijan 2023’

  • Anurag Thakur, Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, addressed the law students of Amity University, Noida

Amity Law School, Amity University Noida, organised ‘Srijan 2023’, a youth parliament to make students aware of the functioning of the Indian Parliament. The participants were divided into one of the four committees: Lok Sabha, Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, Human Rights Commission, G20 Summit and Hindustan Press to discuss current national and international concerns.

“India has made significant progress in various sectors, including sports, space research, entertainment, and technology. Youth are crucial stakeholders in nation-building and should contribute responsibly. Recent reforms include the G20 presidency and changes to law policies. Opportunities for youth include participating in initiatives like cleanliness drives, serving the country, and making India a drug-free nation. Students of Amity should share suggestions for improving the Indian Legal and Judiciary System.” Anurag Thakur, Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, said.

“Amity students, infused with human values, are unique in their academic pursuits. Under Prime Minister Minsiter’s vision, India aims to become a global superpower, with youth playing a crucial role,” Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Founder and President, Amity Education Group, said.

“Students are encouraged to actively participate in politics, as it is a crucial pillar for a country’s future development and success in all endeavors,” Arun Halder, Vice Chairman, National Commission for Scheduled Caste, said.

“The New Education Policy in India encourages students to choose their subjects, promoting diversity and inclusion. India’s philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ emphasises treating the world as one family and working together for national and global development,” Ritu Khanduri Bhushan, Speaker, Uttarakhand, Legislative Assembly, said.

“Amity hosts various activities and competitions for student development, including the Youth Parliament, which provides valuable insights for law students to become successful professionals,” DK Bandyopadhyay, Chairman, Amity Law School, said.

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