Ministry of Sci & Tech Grants Rs.13.69 Cr GITAM University

  • The university’s five-year plan involves the establishment of a cutting-edge centre for drug discovery research, with a focus on addressing pressing global health challenges

GITAM (Deemed to be University) has secured a substantial grant of Rs. 13.69 Crores from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology. The grant, awarded under the Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence (PURSE) programme, marks a significant achievement in academic funding for the university. It will facilitate the establishment of a state-of-the-art centre for drug discovery and marine biology research, supporting research costs, new equipment procurement, manpower, and workshops/summer schools.

The university’s five-year plan is ambitious, focusing on addressing global health challenges. GITAM’s marine biologists are at the forefront of exploring coastal marine ecosystems in search of bioactive compounds found in marine organisms. These compounds, including astaxanthin in zooplankton and fucoxanthin in brown algae, hold potential for applications in anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antibiotic-resistant disease treatments. GITAM’s interdisciplinary approach combines the efforts of biochemists, molecular biologists, chemists and physicists to isolate, characterise and develop derivatives of these bioactive molecules. Furthermore, they are venturing into nanotechnology to create biocompatible nanoparticles for drug delivery.

Prof Ravi Kumar Gurazada, Professor at GITAM, highlighted the government’s commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and addressing critical healthcare issues. This grant not only brings national recognition to GITAM but also provides a platform for groundbreaking research in drug discovery, reflecting DST’s trust in the institution’s scientific capabilities.

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