Shrewsbury School UK to Establish its First Campus in India in Collaboration with Jagran Social Welfare Society

Shrewsbury School UK, an esteemed institution of academic excellence and international repute is proud to unveil its inaugural campus in India, solidifying its commitment to fostering global education and collaboration. The new campus, nestled in a picturesque location of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) chosen to mirror the beauty of its UK counterpart, is set to offer an engaging educational environment to students in India and around the world. Jagran Social Welfare Society, a 25-year-old educational pioneer, has collaborated with Shrewsbury School UK, to become the iconic school in India. 

Shrewsbury School UK was founded by Edward VI in 1552 by Royal Charter and was the first public school in the UK with a proud legacy of more than 470 years. Sir Charles Darwin is recognized as one of its most notable alumni. This campus in India is a testament to Shrewsbury’s dedication to providing exceptional learning opportunities for students beyond the United Kingdom. Scheduled to welcome students starting from the academic year 2025-26, the Shrewsbury International School, India Campus, will seamlessly uphold the time-honored academic standards, values, and holistic approach that the Shrewsbury School, UK, has embodied and embraced for generations.

Shrewsbury India is designed as a co-education boarding school for ages 11-18 and will have 800 students at its full strength. It will be one of the largest co-educational residential schools in Central India in a state-of-the-art 150-acre campus. The students will study the English National Curriculum leading to Cambridge International IGCSE examinations undertaken in years 9 and 10 to qualify students for entry into A Level courses with final examinations at the end of years 12 and 13.

By merging the best practices of both the UK and Indian education systems, the curriculum promises a diverse and enriching educational journey for all students. As part of the school’s launch, a meet-and-greet was conducted at the Le Meridien, Connaught Place on the 24th of August. A panel discussion with Tim Haynes, Governing Chair, Shrewsbury School, UK, Hari Mohan Gupta and Abhishek Mohan Gupta from the Jagran Social Welfare Society, promoters of the Shrewsbury School in India, and Maghin Tamilarasan, Director International Development from the Shrewsbury School, UK, was also held on the topic “Preparing global citizens: Challenges and Opportunities in International School Education”.

The panel also emphasized the close educational ties between India and the UK and how this partnership can drive in pedagogy, research, and cross-cultural understanding. Participants will explore the potential avenues for collaboration and exchange of ideas that will strengthen the education landscape in both countries. 

The launch of this off-shore campus heralds an unparalleled opportunity for Indian students to experience a highly-acclaimed British education without leaving their homeland. With this initiative, Shrewsbury School aims to nurture global citizens who possess a profound appreciation for cultural diversity and a well-rounded understanding of global affairs.

Tim Haynes, Governing Chair of Shrewsbury School, UK, expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming school, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter in Shrewsbury School’s rich legacy. The introduction of our offshore Indian campus enables us to share our storied educational heritage with the wider global community and the young, developing minds of Indian students. Rooted in academic excellence, coupled with a commitment to inclusivity, diversity and personal growth, we empower young minds to thrive in an ever-evolving world.”

Hari Mohan Gupta, Chairman Governing Body, Jagran Social Welfare Society, said, “We are delighted to partner with Shrewsbury School, which aligns seamlessly with our vision of nurturing young minds to develop into empowered global citizens. Through this collaboration, we aim to bring a world-class educational experience to India, where students can thrive academically, culturally, and socially. The launch of Shrewsbury International School, India Campus, marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to shaping the future leaders of our nation.”

This momentous development has been made possible through a dynamic partnership with the Jagran Social Welfare Society in India, a shared advocate for transformative education. As Shrewsbury School anticipates the inaugural intake at the India Campus, applications for enrollment will open in July 2024. Interested students and parents are encouraged to visit the school’s official website for comprehensive information and admission procedures

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