Special Campaign 3.0 in full swing in DoSE&L, Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education has taken up Special Campaign 3.0 with full determination and energy. Department of School Education & Literacy (DoSE&L) and its Autonomous Bodies are taking the campaign to the next level with the help of institutions and schools across the nation through the involvement of about 8 lakh school students and more than 43,000 teachers.

DoSE&L has set a target of 30,934 Cleanliness Campaigns to be conducted till 31.10.2023. During this campaign, special focus has been given to the disposal of public grievances, public grievance appeals, and review of 38,998 files for the purpose of recording and weeding and disposal of public grievances etc.

DoSE&L has achieved the following milestones in the 3rd week (as on 20 October, 2023):

●     25,715 cleanliness campaigns have been conducted during the Campaign;

●     747  Public Grievances disposed of;

●     100% disposal of Public Grievance Appeals;

●     3,69,032 sq. feet of space has been freed up and put to productive alternative use; and

●     26,312 files have been reviewed. Also, 13,954 files have been identified for weeding out, of which 11,431 files have been weeded out.

On 10th October 2023, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Secretary, DoSE&L, chaired a review meeting with the Nodal Officers of the Ministry and its Autonomous Bodies, emphasizing making concerted efforts to achieve the targets and bringing out the best practices of schools & institutions during the Special Campaign 3.0 through social media platforms. In the meeting, it was also decided to open Eco Clubs in all KVS, JNVs and CBSE schools in saturation mode, including the revival of existing Eco Clubs during the campaign. These clubs will engage in activities related to Mission LiFE and Composting, serving as exemplary practices.

During Special Campaign 3.0, the wholehearted engagement of institutions and schools is setting an inspirational example to the world. Students across the borders, for example, from Shanti Niketan Indian School in Doha, Qatar are actively taking forward the message of Swachhata. Meanwhile, Kendriya Vidyalaya, CLRI, Chennai has introduced a brilliant eco-friendly idea of turning plastic bottles into drip irrigation devices. Additionally, schools are also taking the lead in harnessing the power of composting pits showcasing the commitment to environmental sustainability.

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