Educate Yourself Internationally with “Seabird International”

As a benchmark in overseas education, Seabird International has always led the way since we first arrived on the education and visa services arena, 15 years ago. Seabird International is considered as a pioneer and a trustworthy organisation for its professional approach, state-of-the-art infrastructure and time-tested strategies. Moving to a foreign country is like a dream and Seabird International is committed to make it a success. We have created a perfect blend of proficient counsellors, meticulous research and process team and a technology-driven set up to serve you in a reliable way. Seabird International will walk with you every step of the way to turn your dream into reality.

Management: Seabird International is wholly and solely managed by the Managing Director Bobby Gill. Under his guidance, Seabird International has been achieving the desired results with flying colours. He is the mover and shaker of the organisation and is responsible for strategizing and implementing plans to ensure the smooth functioning of the business.

Services Rendered: Seabird International is one of the renowned and wholesome visa companies that strives to assist you in hassle-free handling in visa application. Following services are rendered by the Seabird International-

– Career Assessment is conducted to analyse the profile of the students and selection of available courses, universities, location, Intake as per the requirements of the students.

– Co-ordination with the universities on behalf of the student for admission process, GTE & receiving the offer letters on time and regular communication with students/universities for Interview & GTE Process.

– File preparation for the purpose of Visa Application, writing an effective Statement of Purpose (SOP), which is an important document which needs attention to detail and should be inclusive of Student’s Profile, Career Goal, Justification for Education Gap, Immigration History, Travel History, Financials, Personal Statement about choosing a particular course, university & country.

– Preparing the students for the interview process.

– Regular correspondence and follow-up of Visa Decisions, Emails from the University & Embassies.



Seabird International is focused to help you to get different types of visas including-

1. Tourist Visa

2. Study Visa (In leading countries like the UK, Australia and Canada)

– IELTS, PTE & OET Training

Apart from the visa services, Seabird International is actively providing training to the students to successfully English language testing. We facilitate exceptional services including IELTS, PTE & OET based on our experienced teaching staff, fully functional and modern lab facilities for computer-based testing and secure environment for students. At Seabird, our priority is the holistic development of language skills and inculcate confidence bosting habits for long-term benefits.

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