International Students Explore Jaipur’s Rich Cultural Heritage at Cumulus Student Talent Camp Held at Arch College Jaipur

  • International and Indian students were felicitated with certificates for the participation in “Cumulus Student Talent Camp” at “Arch College of Design and Business Jaipur”

Arch College of Design and Business concluded “Cumulus Student Talent Camp‘‘on the theme of Design Identity Direction’ from 30th Oct to 4th November 2023. The Cumulus Student Talent Camp attracted students from around the world, offering a transformative experience that delves into India’s rich cultural heritage while addressing contemporary challenges in the creative industries. Students from seven countries participated in this camp.

The Student Talent Camp has garnered participation from eight esteemed institutions in seven different countries worldwide, including Sheffield Hallam University (England), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia), University of Lapland (Finland), University of Portland (USA), The Design Village (India), and University of Antwerpen (Belgium).

On the first day of the camp, students from different countries had done an industry visit of Jaipur which included Neerja Blue Pottery, Nila House, Jaipur Watch Company, Gomes Gems as well as Johari Bazaar. During this, the students understood the industry and assessed the problems there. Besides, Rock Satsang by the Volunteers of Art of Living was also organized for the students.

On the second day of the students visited to Jaipur Rugs where they got a chance to learn about textile weaving and the making of handmade carpets. Skilled artisans guided them, unveiling the intricacies of this time-honored tradition, from the loom to the finished masterpiece. After then they visited Rangotri which is known for its unique block print designs, gave students practical experience in block making. Students witnessed the entire process from block designing to final packaging, gaining an in-depth insight into the art of block printing.

Also did a tour of Kalpana Papers, where students learned about sustainable practices in paper production. Students also learned how eco-friendly paper can be produced by reusing leftover clothes.

On the last day, a panel discussion was also organized on this occasion in which the keynote speakers were Archana Surana, Vice President of Cumulus Executive Board, Marta Poldma from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Anna Nuutinen from the University of Lapland, Archit Dhiman from The Design Village, Beatriz Itzel from the University of Portland and Manan Surana from Arch College of Design and Business. The panel discussion was discussed on the topic of sustainability, social, product design and communication. The International and Indian students were felicated with the certificates for the participation in “Cumulus Student Talent Camp” at “Arch College of Design and Business“.

While congratulating the student Archana Surana, Founder and Director, Arch College of Design and Business, Vice President of the Cumulus Executive Board, said that the Cumulus Student Talent Camp was the opportunity to further the mission and values of the Cumulus Association by enriching students and providing them new opportunities in the field of design. This camp also promoted the networking and exchange of knowledge towards art, media, design education and research in the field of design education in an open and friendly environment. The aim of the camp was to inspire the next generation of creative professionals by offering intensive experiences, workshops, industry interactions and collaborative design initiatives.

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