NSAT Rewarding Academic Talent at Their Success Meet

  • Narayana IIT-JEE / NEET/Foundation Coaching Academy celebrates the 18th edition of the Narayana Scholastic Aptitude Test (NSAT) success meet

Narayana Scholastic Aptitude Test (NSAT) aims to motivate, reward and nurture the academic talents of young students across the nation. NSAT tests knowledge, critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities among students from class 7th to 11th of science stream. Over 1.5 lakh students appeared from all over India.

The results were declared on 2 November 2023 and students who secured a place in the all-India rank are eligible for cash rewards and scholarships are celebrated through the NSAT Success Meet.

NSAT 2023 rewards outstanding talent with cash prizes exceeding Rs. 1 crore, inspiring students to pursue success. NSAT 2023 covered more than 300 places in India, aimed to better the lives of kids from diverse circumstances by providing them with a chance to succeed at a national level. Toppers received their results, diplomas and awards at a ceremony hosted by Narayana IIT-JEE / NEET / Foundation coaching academy in Kolkata. They were also informed about the financial incentives and scholarships they would get from the academy.

“Over 3600 West Bengal students participated in the 18th edition of NSAT 2023, covering subjects like Science, Mathematics and Mental Ability. 68 students from West Bengal secured the All-India topper rank and are eligible for cash rewards and scholarships. These students are set to be successful doctors, engineers and scientists. Narayana has identified these talents and they are being rewarded accordingly. A bigger programme with toppers and over 300+ students who secured scholarships will be organised on 26 November 2023, Kolkata. Admission for the 2024 session has started, and eligible students have started enrolling for class VIII-XII”, Pritha Halder, Center Director, Narayana IIT-JEE/NEET/Foundation Coaching Academy and Nayan Kumar Mandal, Branch Manager, said.

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